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FT-2000 Series of Enterprise Application Processors

FT-2000 series of processors are compatible with ARMv8 ISA. This series of processors are designed based on Phytium Parallel-System-on-Chip (PSoC) architecture, integrating Phytium customized cores, data-affinitive memory hierarchy and scalable interconnections on chip. FT-2000 series of processors can deliver outstanding throughput and computing performance, and can be used in enterprise infrastructures as mainframes and servers.

Main technical features

This product family is based on FTC661 core, which is the customized high performance and efficiency core designed by Phytium under architectural license from ARM.

· FTC661 is designed for higher IPC and higher power efficiency than FTC660.

· More efficient four-issue out-of-order superscalar pipeline

· More accurate dynamic branch predictor

· More efficient integer and floating-point execution units

· ARM64 and ARM32 execution mode both supported

· Hardware-assist virtualization

Integrates high-capacity of caches on chip, with hardware maintaining cache coherency

Integrates scalable interconnects on chip

Integrates multi-channel DDR memory controller

Integrates multiple PCIE interfaces

We also provide develop board and reference design based on FT-2000 series of processors for all the partners and end users. Besides the hardware and software in ARM ecosystem, we have also done the porting work of some Chinese indigenous OS and software on FT-2000 family platform.

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