FT-2000 series

FT-2000/64 processor is one product of FT-2000 product family. It integrates high-efficient cores, data-affinity memory hierarchy, hardware maintained coherent cache, hierarchical 2-D mesh interconnection and proprietary extension interfaces. Coupled with memory extension chips (CMC), FT-2000/64 can deliver outstanding computing performance, high memory bandwidth and peripheral extension capability compared with other ARMv8 compatible products. The proprietary extension interfaces can be used to extend not only caches and memories but also accelerator chips to build heterogeneous computing system, such as FPGA based specific-purpose processors. FT-2000/64 can be used for designing high throughput and high performance servers, such as internet and cloud computing servers, high performance mainframes.

Key Features Include:
Category Parameter
Process: Manufacturing with 28nm process
Core: Integrating sixty-four FTC661 cores
Frequency: Running at 1.5GHz~2.0GHz
Cache: Integrating 32MB L2 cache and extending 128MB LLC
Extension Interface: Integrating eight proprietary extension interfaces, each delivering 19.2GB/s effective r/w bandwidth
Memory Interface: Extending sixteen DDR3-1600 memory controllers, which can deliver 204.8GB/s memory access bandwidth.
I/O Interface: Integrating two x16 or four x8 PCIE Gen3 interfaces
Power: Max. power 100W
Package: FCBGA package with 2892 pins